Interlude: Dreams

Hey everyone! Its been awhile! I know, school and work are keeping me from doing this blog. I haven’t forgotten about you though! Wishing everyone a great holiday season and a positive new year in 2013!

So in the meantime while I finish up my Yoga blog I will leave you with a gem that I found on my phone from last year. This was written as I sat in Heathrow Airport in 2011 returning back to NY. I have left it untouched sans any grammar or punctuation corrections. Enjoy!


I am taking this time to reflect on my trip and a lot of other things. We as Americans take what we have for granted or lose sight of what we want. Well lets just say get distracted. As some of you know I went to London for vacation. This was a great trip and sort of inspired me to write this.
On my last night out I was talking to my friend Mac, I had said, “the dream is over.” he replied,” Well least you are going back to the land of dreams.” What he said made me think about other people who come to America like my grandmother and came to accomplish what they desired.
I here a lot of talk about “foreigners” coming over and taking jobs from Americans. Sometimes I want to yell in their ear and say that they came here the same way their forefathers/ancestors/grandparents did jackass! This makes me very annoyed because WE ALL have a fair shot to get what you want. But if you sit there and don’t do anything, while they are busting their ass to get that house and car who is to blame? That’s the question i leave to you…..


Hey everyone! How are you all doing today? I know its been a while but school has started so Blogging has been on the back burner for a while. I have had a few ideas floating around in my head so I am going to share this one with you all today.

If you don’t know me I will tell you that I have a stutter, I have good days with it and bad days. I still get my point across and communicate effectively; I see it as a minor annoyance even if that.  There have been people who have made fun of me. While I was in school while growing up and in the Army. Even some of my co-workers still do. Do I let it affect me? If I did I would be huddled up in a corner somewhere.

Now, as you know I am a US Army Veteran and during my time there one of my leaders made a remark to my peers about my stutter; and even though I am a good soldier I will never make it to Sergeant. The reason is you have to go to a board of Senior Leaders and present yourself to them as they ask you questions about Army rules regulations and all that stuff. Did you think I let that stop me? I just studied, rehearsed and practiced. So eventually I went to the Promotion Board and scored a 146 of of 150 points. Soon those same people who was mocking me and doubting me now had to take orders from me.

The message here is twofold; first never doubt anyone and second if someone has a problem don’t rub their face in it. In the long run it just makes you look ignorant in their eyes, and you will feel stupid when you may need that persons help someday.

So, my ambition is the fuel that keeps me committed to my goals in life and doesn’t let me fall to the wayside. So don’t let people talk you down or try to belittle you. They can doubt you all they want, just don’t doubt yourself.

Take care,


Stupid Things People Say

Hello everyone! How is things out there? I am going to start a series called “Stupid Things People Say”. I know people you know have said things that made you stop and say “What the F–K?!?” Well here I am going to share some of them with you. Where to start?

Okay! A while back one of my friends said that college brings false hope. He claims that it makes people waste their money to obtain something that they may never get. He is saying this while I am doing schoolwork mind you. I didn’t even answer, why waste precious energy right?

I myself (if you read my intro) hold  an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. When I joined the Army that same college degree got me a $10,000 bonus and a job that keep me off the front-lines (somewhat). Then as I left the Army; that degree combined with my Army experience landed me a job with the city fixing Subway trains. So I ask you is that “false hope” or a “waste” of money.

Entrepreneurs get much respect and admiration as they boldly go out and make it on their own. They put in the time and effort to become a success. College is great too as it prepares with skills to interact in society. Can you imagine telling a young Barack Obama that college brings “false hope”? Even if people think he is a puppet or a stooge for the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group or whatever. Without that college degree he wouldn’t even be considered to be a puppet!

A College Degree is a tool that you can use to YOUR advantage for YOUR personal gain. If you are not college material so be it, apply yourself anyway. You will be surprised at what may happen.