Hey everyone! How are you all doing today? I know its been a while but school has started so Blogging has been on the back burner for a while. I have had a few ideas floating around in my head so I am going to share this one with you all today.

If you don’t know me I will tell you that I have a stutter, I have good days with it and bad days. I still get my point across and communicate effectively; I see it as a minor annoyance even if that.  There have been people who have made fun of me. While I was in school while growing up and in the Army. Even some of my co-workers still do. Do I let it affect me? If I did I would be huddled up in a corner somewhere.

Now, as you know I am a US Army Veteran and during my time there one of my leaders made a remark to my peers about my stutter; and even though I am a good soldier I will never make it to Sergeant. The reason is you have to go to a board of Senior Leaders and present yourself to them as they ask you questions about Army rules regulations and all that stuff. Did you think I let that stop me? I just studied, rehearsed and practiced. So eventually I went to the Promotion Board and scored a 146 of of 150 points. Soon those same people who was mocking me and doubting me now had to take orders from me.

The message here is twofold; first never doubt anyone and second if someone has a problem don’t rub their face in it. In the long run it just makes you look ignorant in their eyes, and you will feel stupid when you may need that persons help someday.

So, my ambition is the fuel that keeps me committed to my goals in life and doesn’t let me fall to the wayside. So don’t let people talk you down or try to belittle you. They can doubt you all they want, just don’t doubt yourself.

Take care,


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