Number 20!

Hello Everyone! we’ve made it to 20 posts! First off thanks for reading/following/commenting! I am grateful for all of your inputs and critiques as it makes my skills sharper and sharper. So to celebrate the 20th post first I will share some of my greatest hits posts. Then my top twenty favorite songs I jam to while I Run, Yoga and other activities.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

My Greatest Hits

Some Healthy Things to Think About

Tools For Being Healthy & Fit

Dean’s Day Off

Deans Top Twenty Workout Jams…

“Man in the Box” – Alice in Chains

“You Take my Breath Away” – The Knife

“In da Club (instrumental)” – 50 Cent

“Ænima” – Tool

“Sober” – Tool

“Theme for Great Cities” – Simple Minds

“Fortune Days” – Glitch Mob

“Hyper” – Cascade

“Goin Out West” – Tom Waits

“Forsaken” – David Draiman of Disturbed

“Blue Jeans” – Ladytron

“Training Montage” – Rocky IV Soundtrack

“Organ Donor” – DJ Shadow

“I Got The Power” – Stevie Wright

“Forty Six and 2” – Tool

“My D!ck” – Mickey Avalon

“Digital Versicolor” – Glass Candy

“Cult of Personality” –  Living Color

“Autobot/Decepticon Battle” -Transformers the Movie Soundtrack 1986

“Why So Serious?” ( Crystal Method Remix) – Dark Knight Soundtrack


Once again thanks and continue to read as we journey on together through this part of my  life.

Crafting Your Skill

I read this blog the other day and it got me thinking about things. Things like what I am doing with myself and my skills. There are people who work just to pay bills and that’s their only unfortunate goal/role. Some people  have families and need to provide for them. That goes without saying. Sometimes we get stuck in a loop of our own habits with even knowing it.

” our habits are invisible to us”

How do your Circles connect?

How do your Circles connect?

 This is where having a hobby or a craft comes in. Something that you can do in your pastime that can not really be a distraction but a SELF fulfilling activity that brings you joy.

Once you start to do it and do it well it will bring you the best satisfaction beyond any drug that’s out there. Also you can profit from your skill and you won’t mind doing so because its fun. I know I love to exercise and as soon as I get my qualifications I would love to profit from it. To quote the Joker in The Dark Knight, “If you are good at something never do for free”. Sounds selfish but at the same time it makes sense. Banks are good at saving our money (sometimes). So we pay for that service. We don’t have to profit monetarily from our potential.We can still but profit in other ways as in your own joy and happiness.

So working on a skill that you enjoy will reap benefits for years to come. Even if you don’t profit from it. The joy of doing something else than just being an automaton of waking up, driving to work and going home to your couch and doing the same cycle over and over again.

You know where the pieces fit..

You know where the pieces fit..

Share your skills here and inspire others to do the same…


It’s YOUR Year in 2013!

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your gifts and nursing your holiday party hangovers. Hey! We even survived the impending Apocalypse! With that being said lets look to the future and what opportunities 2013 will bring.

Someone asked me what my new years resolution was. I told her I don’t have one, all I want is to do better than I did last year. That’s it. Nothing more or less. So I am going to share with you all how I plan to do this. Maybe it will help you get ideas on what you want for the new year.

  1. Get an annual check up. I get a physical/dental exam around my birthday month. This way i know whats going good or bad. You are the only one who can take care of your self.
  2. Continue to study and practice Yoga. This is my hobby maybe yours is reading, drawing or exercise, having a hobby is great. Its keeps your mind fresh and away from bad habits.
  3. Stay in school and continue the practice of Autodidacticism. If you don’t know what that means; basically it means “self-taught”. This gifts from this are infinite. I will always be a student.
  4. Family time. Yeah I know we get caught up in our rapture and routine of our lives. Family is the gel that will keep you together. Plan a day out and go somewhere, doesn’t even have to be fancy, dinner is good.
  5. Travel! One of my favorite things to do. Going somewhere different is great as you can look outside the sphere of your life and reflect. Even a simple road trip for a day will let you experience something new. Also go somewhere alone and use your natural skills to figure out who to get around.

Well that’s all I have and will be my last post for 2012. Once again thanks for all the support and following my blog. Happy New Year and see you in 2013!




100 Days of Yoga!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Fantastic I hope. Well today I am going to share what I have learned from doing Yoga for a 100 days.

During the Summertime I wanted to find a way to stay fit during the sometimes brutal Summer heat of New York. Personally I am not a fan of being all sweaty while exercising; its annoying and distracting. Usually I do some Yoga moves before and after my exercises. So on another blogger mentioned she challenged herself to do straight Yoga for a week. That was the inspiration I needed to try it out. So I did it for a week and enjoyed it.  Being familiar with Yoga already I was able to design a session that would keep me strong and maintain my levels of fitness. I can say that my strength has increased and I am more resilient doing other exercises.

I am going to break down a session that you can do to evolve your exercises. Before I start Yoga is not all about standing on your head or bending and twisting; there is a philosophy behind it also. But the basic premise I want you to focus on while you try these these poses out is mindfulness; what is mindfulness? In the short term being in the moment NOW. Not your job, Facebook status or whats for dinner. Being focused on how your body moves through the pose.

So here is my basic sequence of sessions, this will get you started as you progress I have added two more phases to get you in the groove. I will give you a breakdown here but its up to you look into it a little further. Links for help will be at the end of the post.


  1. Corpse Pose – This is where you set the tone and start to unplug from the daily routine of your life. Lie down face up and relax. Breathe! Its not uncommon the first times to doze off sleep. Get a timer start with 60 seconds and build up to 5 minutes.
  2. Easy Pose – We are still setting the tone here and really begin to let the Yoga state of mind sink in to yourself. From here you will do neck and shoulder rotations.
  3. Sun Salutations – This is to warm you up and get ready for the session. Start with 3 rounds, 6, then finally 12 rounds. *** face East if you can ***

                 You can stop here and you are essentially warmed up for anything else you like to do in the Gym.

Phase II ( continuing from number three)

  1. Leg Raises – This is to stretch your hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. Do these 3 times.
  2. Wind Relief Pose – This will massage your stomach and spine.
  3. Cat Stretch – To help the upper back muscles and release tension there.
  4. Bridge – This will help the lower back muscles relax and release tension there also.
  5. Fish – This will help the neck and shoulders stretch out tension.
  6. Wheel – The wheel will elongate your and charge your whole nervous system very good to way you up.
  7. Forward bend – This will help your legs and back, also it will counter balance the wheel pose.
  8. Cobra – This is to strengthen the spine and tailbone area.
  9. Locust – This is a great pose to build and develop inner strength. Start with one leg raise then do both.
  10. Bow – This will counter stretch the Cora and Locust pose. Also another great stretch to build power in your arms.
  11. Spinal Twist – This will help your hips and lower back become supple.
  12. Stick – This will aid your posture by  straightening out your back.
  13. Toe Balance – This will help your feet and toes become strong.
  14. Hero Pose – This is to stretch your legs especially if you sit down all day or stand all day.

Phase III

I used to do this after my exercises as a “finisher” to lock in and strengthen my muscles. You can continue from number 14 or as a stand alone exercise.

  1. Mountain Pose – This is all about standing up straight, not hunched over. Just standing shoulders back chest up and spine erect. You will the difference in your posture and will build inner strength also.
  2. Over Head Mountain – Pose in Mountain with arms raised above your head. Great for your shoulders upper and lower back.
  3. ***God Pose*** This is a variation of mountain pose. What you do is stand with your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and arms out with palms facing down. Look straight ahead and breath slowly. You will feel a tug from all four limbs.
  4. Wide-Legged Forward Bend- Great for hips, hamstrings and your whole leg basically. This is one of those poses that takes time to master. be patient and reap the benefits of it.
  5. Warrior Pose I – Great whole body exercise will get your system fired up all over.
  6. Warrior Pose II – The focus here will be on your legs and lower back while keeping your arms straight.
  7. Warrior Pose III – This will help you learn balance and focus. Your ankles and feet will thank you for it.
  8. Triangle – Great side bend pose for your mid section and chest.
  9. Chair Pose – Another way to build strength from the inside.
  10. Corpse Pose – Still is to relax and reflect on your body and mind. This will slow everything down for the moment. Just lie back and breathe.

Well That’s it! I left pictures out for two reasons the first is so that you go and find the poses own your own. Second there are many variations and styles out there. You have to find the one that works for you and your body. I hope that you go out and try what I have shown you here. This could help you in other ways also. But remember! Know your limits and boundaries as with any form of exercise it can harm as well as heal. Its up to you to find that perfect balance as you do with anything else.

Everyone have a great holiday and a prosperous new year!

Some links you help you on your journey.

Two awesome books that will teach the fundamentals of Yoga.

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga

Swami Vishnu-devananda

Welcome to Number 10!

Hey everyone! What’s good. Out there? Hope all you readers are doing as well as I am.

So here we are, post number 10! First off thanks for taking the time out to read and check out my side of the world. Also I hope you are learning and being entertained from all what i have been sharing.

I started this blog for many reasons. First as a way to keep my mind focused and keep an account of my life. Second, a lot of people have praised my writing skills . So why let my skill go to waste? Finally this is a great way to secure and promote my name on the World Wide Web.

As this being my 10th post. I figured I would share some of my top ten blogs and sites that I go to. Some are fun, interesting and even profound. Some of them have inspired me to blog in the first place. So here they are. Enjoy!

Once again thanks for reading and stay tuned for another ten posts!


This is a cool place for men to get a lot of insight and tips for living in today’s modern world, some of the posts and blogs are raw, plus brutally honest. You have been warned.


Great site for figuring out all that stuff that goes on inside your head. Lots of stuff to learn in there!


This is where I get all my comic news and Sci-Fi stuff. A must for comic book nerds like myself.


Her energy alone will make you want to workout. But lots of fun exercises for women and guys too. Women always ask me fitness questions, so I usually steer them here.


This is a cool site that I enjoy reading. Her writing style is awesome and always gives me inspiration to write more.


Another site that motivates me to write, especially about fitness. If you are a true athlete then this is the place to get that boost we all need sometimes.


Great place to brush up on your Yoga skills. The Animations are cool and show you how to hold each pose.


If you like to star gaze and track the moon, this is the place to go. It will let you know what stars and phases of the moon are around daily.


All the exercises you will ever need and some great lectures on nutrition.


Yes Facebook! It gets a bad rep sometimes, but its only entertainment! Nothing more, nothing less.
There it is, some of my favorite places to go while I am on the World Wide Web. So join me in a toast for 10 posts and to 10 more into infinity!

Stay well!


Summer 2012

Well as Summer winds down and the weather shifts I am reflecting not only this Summer but the year. This year started off by burying my Grandmother which was sad, but no one lives forever even if you think they will. That showed me upfront the finality of life. This Summer has been one of the best so far and have gained a lot of insight into myself and other things.


Road Trip!

Fast forward to July when school broke for the Summer. I decided to go on a up north trip and visit some of my old stomping grounds, such as SUNY Canton and Fort Drum. Before I left I planned on staying in Syracuse which is a good middle point for NY state, from there I was able to venture out in any of the four cardinal directions. I started by taking a drive out to Niagara Falls. That was an awesome experience watching nature do its thing. The New York side is cool as you can really walk around the park; but the Canadian side is where the view will show you the true glory of the falls. You can walk across the bridge into Canada. There you buy some liquor from the Duty Free. Try “Ice Wine” champagne; it’s like candy flavored Champagne! The next day I visited Fort Drum where I met up with my old boss and mentor from the Army Ed Malinowski. Visiting Fort Drum was cool seeing the place where I learned to Soldier was awesome. The place has changed but is still the same. We ate at the DFAC (Dining Facility) and talked about benefits of Army life and the even better life as a Veteran.From Fort Drum I visited SUNY Canton was about a hour drive from Ft. Drum. Canton looked the same, but I strolled through the park and stuff. Was a good way to set the Summer off and break from school.

Niagara Falls from the Bridge to Canada


Dan Akykroyd’s quirky Vodka Bottles

Visiting Fort Drum


London aka The Motherland!

Going to London was a blast! Last time I went I was a bit of a tourist this time I chilled out and immersed myself in London Pub culture. I still have family out there and as always they made me feel at home and welcome. During this time the Olympics was going on and I got a one in a lifetime chance to hold the Olympic Torch and the medals being used for the events. My Uncle lives close to the Olympic Stadium so we went by there on the day of the opening ceremony. Seeing people from all over the world gathered in one place was amazing. You could feel the energy of excitement and felt the pride of London in the air. That day was another highlight of my trip.

Holding The Olympic Torch!

The Stadium where the Games where played.


Back to the Pub culture though, I don’t know how the British do it!(even though I am a pseudo Brit) I thought my Army peoples drank a lot but every night is a party night there. The weather was awesome and only rained when I was leaving. I guess London was sad I was departing! Was a great vacation and nothing beats coming home to New York. I like traveling as it takes you out of your “zone” and lets you see the world from out outside of your bubble. Got some inspiration and renewed energy from my “Motherland” while I was gone also.

Always a Party in London.

Good Peoples and good drinks..



Okay, this is a real personal, if you read “Some Healthy Things To Think About” you know about my path on personal fitness. Some may think I am a little obsessed which is probably true but anyway, but I do things that my future self will thank me for. Also I haven’t mentioned my food allergy. Since I was a child I have had eczema, it comes and goes and is a nuisance to say the least. But the Fall of 2011 I had a really bad outbreak of it. A month out of work bad. At first it was all about treatments. But I thought about this and decided to find the cause and not just keep putting a Band Aid on it. I mean something must be causing this right? So I went to an Allergist and had my blood analyzed. Well here is the shortlist of the things I can’t eat anymore:

  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Nut Products
  • Scallops

Yeah! Sucks right? No more of my Baked BBQ Ziti with Three Cheeses. No more Ice Cream! Chocolate Cake! But I survived and just find foods that are allergen free. Eczema is a hassle and to parents with children look to what they are eating if they have this condition. Adults you too could have an allergic reaction too food in the form of Eczema.


This Summer I was dedicated my fitness routine to Yoga. I put Yoga as the base from which everything else fitness wise branches from. Personally it has made all other exercises and movements I do much more fluid, focused and finally powerful. Yoga will make you aware of your body and how use it. I think that Yoga makes your body strength more resilient and lets you control and manipulate the weights better. Let me add that Yoga is a good way of harnessing your energy and focusing it properly. I concentrated on Body Weight exercises more as this develops more body control. This added with weight training and Aerobics and I am enjoying the benefits of a healthy body.

This is a hobby and what I call “Playtime”, exercise is when I go have fun to work on my skill and learn my craft. There are many tools that I use to perfect my craft. I have exercises that i do more than some and even have favorites. Also I make a list of exercises to do so I stay on track and don’t forget what to do. So when I am at the gym I am in the zone and can stay on track. This way also I have exercises that get results . In the future I will share exercises and other things to help you stay healthly and fit.

Here is a list of some of the things I don’t go to the Gym without:

  • Jump Rope
  • Yoga Mat
  • Vibram Five Fingers
  • Interval Timer
  • Chalk
  • Mp3 Player

With these items here I can do the impossible!


As I mentioned my Grandmother is gone and when I seen her get buried I told myself that all my negative aspects and thoughts would be “buried” as well. That I will live my life freely and without regrets. Then I stumbled upon this word:


This word means excellence in any kind. This is how I have decided to live my life from now on. Now you may think that its a pretty daunting task but if you think about it, its not. From this I give 100% to what ever i do, there will be days when I may feel down or low but in the long run this word will keep me focused and driven to succeed and move forward. This is why I decided to start a Blog. Not only to keep myself focused and accountable,but too also share what I know with others and they can share with me as well. As time goes I will expound on this principle more.

‘It’s manifested, the Gods work like appliances
Dealin in my cypher I revolve around sciences’ (GhostFace,Criminology 1995)


So this is where we are at right now. Looking forward to the future and still living in present. I hope everyone else out there had a great Summer and will share some stories with us as well.


Dean Joseph


A personal characteristic that is an enormous source of strength is my ambition. This is what drives me to succeed in my goals. I use it to propel myself forward everyday.. It was used when I went from  240lbs to 170lbs. When I was out looking for a job after i got out of the Army. It helped me settle for nothing less than a job that would benefit me in the future. This is the base of my mountain from which all of my other characteristics originate. This is the source of my power.