Tools For Being Healthy & Fit

Hello everyone! What’s good out there? I hope everything is fantastic in your world.

Today is my favorite topic. Want to take a guess? That’s right Fitness! Especially the “tools” or items you can use for success in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Like a craftsman who uses his tools well; you can “craft” yourself the same way with the tools I am going to share.

In order to stay healthy and fit nutrition is the base from which it starts here are some tools to help you stay on track.

  • Food Pyramid Chart

Great way to see and make sure your eating the essential Foods to keep you healthy and fit.

  • Measuring Cup

Yes! A measuring cup great for tracking and controlling your serving sizes when you cook and prepare meals.

  • Blender

Can you say Smoothies? Blend,purée and liquify fruits, vegetables and grains. Mine is 5 years old and still going strong!


I would suggest investing in some workout clothes. Something that will keep you cool and dry while your sweating when working out.

Also from a personal standpoint when you change and put on some fitness gear you are more likely to be motivated to workout,even on down days.


This is my favorite right here! So many things to choose and train with but I am gonna give you the basics and then you can go from there.

  • Mat

Even if your Gym provides mats bring your own. That way it’s clean and no one can interrupt your workout if they are short on them.

  • Jump Rope

Easy way to do some cardiovascular exercises if the treadmills are full. I am a advocate for it because it’s so much fun.

  • Interval Timer

Another fun tool to do some circuit training and mix up your fitness routine. There are many brands to choose from like the Gymboss and Everlast.

  • Gloves or Carpenters Chalk

Personally I don’t use gloves but they do help your grip especially  the work gloves with the rubber coating on them.  Carpenters Chalk is solid and less messy and gives you the same grip as regular chalk. Its better if you want to be a naturalist like myself.

These are a few of the tools that will keep you healthy and fit for your lifestyle. You don’t have to go broke and buy them all at once! Over the course of three years I acquired things here and there that makes me want to go and play with them. At the gym I am like a little kid in the playground having a blast. Also having your own equipment means not having to wait or rush that last set because someone else is waiting for what you are working with.

So stay fit, stay healthy and be good!


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