Back to School!

Hello Everyone! How you all doing? Hope everything is good out there!
Theres an old Jamaican saying “Your Free Paper Bun now!”. In other words back to work/school/responsibilities etc.

Around the world people are gearing up for the return of School or College. Whether you are a parent or the student your head is in that state of mind. I am one of these people. For the past two years I have been attending Devry in Midtown Manhattan. I am about halfway in getting a Bachelors in Web Design. It’s something that I like to do as I am always on the Internet.

You don’t have to go school to learn. It’s just another  tool to excel in what you want to get out of the world. People teach themselves all time from cooking to driving a manual transmission. Its called Autodidacticism, in other words being self taught. We all have the potential to learn something new, its up to you to unlock it, harness it and use it to excel in your life.

Check out these two links which explain this:

These two articles are Polar opposites and parallel each other at the same  time. But the message is clear, as they both state that YOU can master anything yourself with just a little dedication and motivation.

So tap it to the Zeitgeist of the new school year and challenge yourself on a new project or endeavor. You might be surprised at how well you do.

Wishing the best for all new students and the ones returning, much success this year!


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