Hello everyone! My name is Dean Joseph and I personally welcome you to MY side of the World Wide Web. Before we get started let me tell you a little bit about myself that way you can get an idea about what this is all about.

 I was born from in London, England from a Jamaican mother and an Antiguan father. Yes! That’s quite a mix! But I get my sense of determination and practicality from my mothers side. My fathers side gave me my ambition and independence.

At a young age of eight I moved to New York along with my aunts and their children. We came to live with my Grandmother (RIP). My first memories NY are the lines and strips of fast food places as we drove home. I was your average precocious kid in elementary school. My mom always had her hands full(especially as a single parent).

 I went to Mount Vernon High School, never really liked high school I had friends but most of the time I would cut school and hang around the Bronx at other High Schools. Also I think smoking weed kind of ruined a lot of things during that time also.

 Eventually I straightened up and went to College. It was a place in upstate NY called SUNY Canton. I learned how to be an electrician and other applied sciences skills. The most valuable thing I learned from that experience was how to live away from home.

 I graduated and came back to Mount Vernon where I worked for a Temp Agency. No one never told me that I would have to pay back the student loans I took out. My friend coerced me to join the Army with him. Thankfully my college background helped me secure a job fixing generators instead of a frontline infantry job.

 The Army gave me something that I never had, a father figure. Also it REALLY showed me home to live away from home. The first place I went to was Ft. Drum, NY.

 Fort Drum was interesting I made some new friends and unlocked my focus and potential. Then it was off to Germany there I REALLY discovered how to be away from home. In 2003 I went to Iraq that was an unique experience. What I go from that was when America goes to war they will stop at nothing to destroy the enemy. I stayed out there for about 4 months.

 I went back to Fort Drum in October of 2003. By this time I was a Sergeant and a leader of soldiers. Imagine having 10 children all with different issues such as a pregnant teenage wife and a thief. The one of the things that the Army showed we may be all different races but we all still human with all the same needs and desires about life. I decided after this stint in the Army I would not re-enlist again. I was transferred to another unit and did a office job for a while. This was good as it made me see how a business is run from the inside. I took a lot of good information from that job which I still use to this day.

I got stop lossed which means the Army extended me without my choice to go back to Iraq. This time the base I stayed on was built up and was like a summer camp compared to how I lived the last time. Showers, Internet Burger King what more could you ask for? I stayed out there for a year. It was good because it gave me time to really think about what I wanted to do when I got out of the Army.

Currently I work for NYC Transit fixing a Subway trains and working on my Masters in Web Design. Its been a long road, but I can say that I have learned and I am STILL learningSo stay tuned as my journey continues!

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